People who appreciated the work of Dowling Web Design/Dowling Web Consulting & Training:

“After going through several web designers whose work was inconsistent or who were generally unreliable, I feel very fortunate that Joyce was ready, willing, and most definitely able to nurture my neglected website back to health. She was able to piece together a patchwork of programming so that my site looks impressive (to us non-programmers), so that I didn’t have to rebuild the site with my limited funds. Joyce is a true professional: conscientious, provides attention to detail, stays in communication, and she delivers quality when she says she will. And what she doesn’t know, she finds out. I highly recommend her work to anyone!” – Veronica Adams

“My organization hired Joyce to transition a web site to Drupal, maintain the web site, improve the content of the web site, and to add content to serve as landing pages for a Google ad campaign. She established and ran a Google ad campaign, created ads, revised the campaigns based on results, and reported on effectiveness of her ad campaigns regularly. She is easy to work with, is reliable, and does excellent work. I hope to hire her again in the near future.” – John Gubbings

“Joyce has an outstanding eye for the nuances of search engine optimization, especially with Google Ads, and the patience to tweak, tweak, tweak to get significant results. While many people can do SEO, Joyce adds a genuine concern for the real people doing the searches and can communicate her methods and successes so that they generate great enthusiasm.” – Sue Mosher

“Joyce is a dedicated professional who knows and understands web design and blogging. She is easy to work with and gives more than is asked. She makes a difference where one is needed.” – Barbara Vaughn

“I highly recommend Joyce Dowling of Dowling Web Design for search engine optimization and code editing on a content management system. She inserted meta tags and other codes for my website, which needed a bit more expertise than I currently have. She was quick and reasonably priced.” – G Paul

“I have known Joyce Dowling for 3 years. We have worked together on projects in the Unitarian Universalist community. Her role in our collaborations has been to consult on UU culture and practice and provide outreach by way of social media. Joyce plays an important role in the Prince Georges County community as Founder of Prince Georgians Care (pgcares.com) which covers everything PG! In my experience Joyce Dowling’s work with social media, writing and reporting shows her to be a woman of integrity and ethics. Her work and actions are important in our local community.” – Caryl Henry Alexander

info at dowlingwebconsulting dot com