Create a Web Site to Your Needs

Dowling Web Consulting & Training has over a decade of experience with a variety of clients. We will work with you to help you create the web site that meets your needs. Whether you have an expanding company or a volunteer-run organization, we can help you create the site you need with the look and feel that suits you.

You also need to consider the features of your site to help your business or organization get the most out of the web for less. Consider informing your clients, customers, and/or members by using:

  • photo albums (there are a variety of options for displaying photos that show what you do; we can take photos or you can supply them)
  • podcasts (audio of important events or programs),
  • blogs (text updates that help your customers/clients which allows them to be exposed to your services more regularly and gives search engines more searchable text to your site),
  • email lists (to send announcements or conversational with moderated for members or clients only),
  • videos (visual and audio presentation(s) to promote your work), and
  • ads to promote your business or organization.

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Examples of web sites we’ve designed, trained the organization to manage themselves, providing consulting, and/or search engine optimization.

Examples of web sites that come up high in Google searches.