We offer gift certificates to develop a web site for your loved one (see who might be interested) or to train them to develop their own while we work on creating it (see our Training page – it’s area-specific, whereas developing a web site can be for anyone anywhere). It’s great for a last-minute gift as we can email you the certificate, or you can pick it up from us if you live in the southern Prince George’s Co., Maryland area, printed on parchment-type paper with envelope. See example of certificate. See examples of web sites

Good for:

  • Birthday present
  • Mother’s Day gift
  • Father’s Day gift
  • graduation gift
  • or any special occasion

Who might be interested?:

  • Teenager who wants to keep up with their peers in internet skills
  • Young adults who want a site to showcase their resume for their college application or a potential job
  • Someone with a hobby they’d like to showcase
  • Someone who’s self-employed and doesn’t yet have a web site for their new business or would like to learn to manage their current site
  • Someone who’s lost a loved one that they’d like to memorialize
  • Someone who’s having a family reunion and would like to create a genealogy site, family photo album site, and/or keep track of who’s coming online